You can download our exclusive Japanese audio ebook (PDF/JPEG) for free to enhance your Japanese studies!

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I also made another vocabulary enhancement system’s technical demo. Try L-MODE. It can loop like a CD! :

Netflix Shortcuts Plus

I also made a Netflix extension to enhance your language learning! Hope it helps you! 🙂
Download (Chrome Extension)

Akari Desktop Player (Mac/Win)

Very useful language learning assistant for you.
You can play YouTube/Nicovideo/Pornhub/XVideos on your desktop’s topmost layer. The opacity and window size are also adjustable. It’s extremely useful to repeat any listening videos or vocabulary videos during your work or video game time!
Download / Demo

Lang8 Printer

In short, This is a kind of Lang-8 web browser for printing entries/corrections/comments to make your own learning book. I know only a few people in the world need this app, though.
A few years ago, I made a Lang-8 printer app for Windows.  If you simply print any corrections on Lang-8, the result would be very messy and collapsed as hell. With this app, you can print everything perfectly and consistently without redundant elements. You can even choose corrections or comments to print using the top-right floating area shown up on any entries.

Download zip (58.4 MB)