Akari Desktop Player might change your language learning curve

Akari Desktop Player might change your language learning curve


I developed a language-learning app using YouTube for Windows/Mac.

You can play YouTube videos in any size and transparency you want on the front of your desktop, which is good for playing videos when you are working or doing something else.

All you have to do is paste any YouTube URL, and there is a bookmarking function, too.

As for how to use it, for example, you can register videos that you need to watch over and over again, such as listening videos, videos that explain grammar, or videos to train your vocabulary.

Supported Sites:
YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, Pornhub, XVideos

<Download Link>
for Windows Users: Download the Windows Version
for Mac Users: Download the Mac Version

 * WARNING *  If you use Mac, do “right click” in opening the app and select “Open”.
Otherwise, you can’t launch the app without changing the system setting.

Input any youtube video URL and done!

Always on top!

You can set the opacity level and change the window size as you like!

よう1:businesstaskerrandengagement2:usepurpose3:for the use of …used for …made for …4:call of natureexcretion
デスクトップ1:desktop2:desktop computer3:desktop of a computer (the primary screen for most graphical-based computer operating systems)
好きすき1:likedwell-likedfavouritefavorite2:in love (with)lovedromantically interested (in)3:faddismeccentricity4:the way one likes(as) it suits one5:refined tasteelegant pursuits
動画どうが1:videomoviemoving picture2:animationanimated cartoon3:in-betweens (animation)
再生さいせい1:resuscitationregenerationrestoration to life2:reformationrehabilitation3:playbackregeneration (sound, etc.)view (of a video clip)4:reclamationrecovery5:rebirthreincarnation
ちゅう1:mediumaveragemiddle2:moderation3:middle school4:China5:volume two (of three)6:during (a certain time when one did or is doing something)under (construction, etc.)while7:inout ofof the
何かなにか1:somethingsomeany2:somehowfor some reason3:(is there) something (you want, etc.)
べつ1:distinctiondifferencediscrimination2:separatedifferentanotherextra3:exceptionexclusion4:classified byranked byaccording to
良いよい1:goodexcellentfinenicepleasantagreeable2:sufficientenoughreadyprepared3:profitable (deal, business offer, etc.)beneficial4:OKall rightfineno problem
使い方つかいかたway to use somethingtreatmentmanagement (of help)
貼り付けるはりつける1:to pasteto stickto affix2:to stationto post
使い道つかいみち1:purposeutilityobjective2:way to use something
例えばたとえばfor examplefor instancee.g.
語彙力ごいりょく(the extent of) one’s vocabulary
鍛えるきたえる1:to forgeto temper2:to drillto trainto discipline
何度なんど1:how many times2:how many degrees (temperature, angle, etc.)
繰り返すくりかえすto repeatto do something over again
見るみる1:to seeto lookto watchto viewto observe2:to examineto look overto assessto checkto judge3:to look afterto attend toto take care ofto keep an eye on4:to experienceto meet with (misfortune, success, etc.)5:to try …to have a go at …to give … a try6:to see (that) …to find (that) …

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  1. Whoa!? It’s a great tool! Thanks man!!

  2. I downloaded this app. It’s amazing so far.
    Love this app so much!

  3. thanks for the app, it’s very helpful and convenient to use

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