The Effective Pilgrimage for Anime/Manga (聖地巡礼)

The Effective Pilgrimage for Anime/Manga (聖地巡礼)


“I wanna actually go to that place in that anime!”

I guess every anime fan has felt this way at one time or another.

When avid fans actually visit a setting of an anime or manga, it is called an “anime pilgrimage” after Christianity or Islam.

There are 47 prefectures in Japan, and each of them has its own “sacred places from anime”.

Some anime have sacred places scattered in several prefectures.

For your information, Japan’s Wikipedia has a page that summarizes the sacred places of anime, manga, movies, dramas, novels, etc. in each prefecture.

By reading them, you can easily find out what kind of anime is set in that prefecture.

There are also websites that introduce the sacred places in each prefecture, so combining them might be useful for your pilgrimage and sightseeing.

出るでるto leaveto exitto go outto come outto get outto leave (on a journey)to departto start outto set outto move forwardto come toto get toto lead toto reachto appearto come outto emergeto surfaceto come forthto turn upto be foundto be detectedto be discoveredto be exposedto showto be exhibitedto be on displayto appear (in print)to be publishedto be announcedto be issuedto be listedto come outto attendto participateto take partto enter (an event)to play into performto be statedto be expressedto come upto be brought upto be raisedto sellto exceedto go overto stick outto protrudeto break outto occurto startto originateto be producedto come fromto be derived fromto be givento getto receiveto be offeredto be providedto be presentedto be submittedto be handed into be turned into be paidto answer (phone, door, etc.)to getto assume (an attitude)to actto behaveto pick up (speed, etc.)to gainto flow (e.g. tears)to runto bleedto graduate
実際じっさいpracticalitypracticalrealityactualityactual conditionsbhutakoti (limit of reality)
行くいくto goto move (in a direction or towards a specific location)to head (towards)to be transported (towards)to reachto proceedto take placeto pass throughto come and goto walkto dieto pass awayto do (in a specific way)to streamto flowto continueto have an orgasmto cometo cumto tripto get highto have a drug-induced hallucination
思うおもうto thinkto considerto believeto reckonto think (of doing)to plan (to do)to judgeto assessto regardto imagineto supposeto dreamto expectto look forward toto feelto be (in a state of mind)to desireto wantto recallto remember
ことthingmatterincidentoccurrenceeventsomething serioustroublecrisiscircumstancessituationstate of affairsworkbusinessaffairafter an inflectable word, creates a noun phrase indicating something the speaker does not feel close tonominalizing suffixpretending to …playing make-believe …aliasalso known asotherwise known asornecessityneedyou should …I advise that you …it’s important to …
ファンfanenthusiastlover (of)fan (e.g. electric)
舞台ぶたいstage (theatre, theater)scene or setting (e.g. of novel, play, etc.)
訪れるおとずれるto visitto call onto arriveto cometo appear
呼ぶよぶto call out (to)to callto invoketo summon (a doctor, etc.)to inviteto designateto nameto brandto garner (support, etc.)to gatherto take as one’s wife
counter for articlescounter for military unitsindividual
都道府県とどうふけんadministrative divisions of Japan: Tokyo-to, Hokkai-do, Osaka-fu, Kyoto-fu and remaining prefectures
聖地せいちsacred placeholy groundthe Holy Land
作品さくひんwork (e.g. of art)productionharvestcultivationfarmingcropyieldtechnique
けんprefecture (Japan)county (China, Taiwan, Norway, etc.)department (France)province (Italy, Spain, etc.)
点在てんざいbeing dotted withbeing scattered
実はじつはas a matter of factby the wayto tell you the truthto be honestfrankly
小説しょうせつnovel(short) story
見るみるto seeto lookto watchto viewto observeto examineto look overto assessto checkto judgeto look afterto attend toto take care ofto keep an eye onto experienceto meet with (misfortune, success, etc.)to try …to have a go at …to give … a tryto see (that) …to find (that) …
調べるしらべるto examineto look upto investigateto check upto senseto studyto inquireto search
出来るできるto be able (in a position) to doto be up to the taskto be readyto be completedto be madeto be builtto be good atto be permitted (to do)to become intimateto take up (with somebody)to growto be raisedto become pregnant
各県かくけんeach prefectureall prefectures
組み合せるくみあわせるto join togetherto combineto join up
役立つやくだつto be usefulto be helpfulto serve the purpose


↑Example of anime and real life places


↑If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who loves the same anime/comic/game you love, it would be great additional easter eggs for your Japanese travel. (The guy with MGSV bra is one of the Oculus Rift founders, by the way)


I think this website would show you a lot of perfect examples if you’re interested in good 聖地巡礼せいちじゅんれい(Seichi Junrei).

Anime list by prefectures on the Japanese Wikipedia:
Wikipedia 日本を舞台としたアニメ作品 (都道府県別)

Not only anime list by prefectures on the Japanese Wikipedia:
Wikipedia 日本を舞台とした作品 (都道府県別)

Anime Prefecture Ranking 2016:


I think this is a very good map to start! (Click to Reddit)
↑If the prefecture you go don’t have a good anime/manga, maybe you can see this page. This guy even made an imaginary manga that actually doesn’t exist and did Seichi Junrei by himself, lololol.



↑Ofc anime is much better than your real life, right? ^^;


↑Lots of anime fans visited a shrine where anime characters visited in the anime. In Japanese shrines, you can buy a board like that to write your wish.


↑She stumbled upon the same hotel she saw in one of her favorite manga! Congrats!!!!


↑This book author seems to make the word, 聖地巡礼 for anime.

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