Japanese girl made a VTuber headset you can quit being human

Japanese girl made a VTuber headset you can quit being human


Have you ever heard of a story like a beautiful girl VTuber turned out to be a dirty middle-aged man?

Previously, VTubers who weren’t actually beautiful girls couldn’t appear in front of people.

But finally, the time has come for virtual VTubers to overcome the barrier to reality.

This device reads emotions in real time from facial expressions and displays the faces of CG characters on the display.

By using this device, you can be a beautiful girl for 24/7!

美少女びしょうじょbeautiful girl
中身なかみblow to a vital point of a person’s bodystriking techniques (judo)
汚いきたないdirtyfilthyfouluncleandisorderedmessyuntidypoor (e.g. handwriting)indecent (language, etc.)dirtyvulgarcoarsedastardlymeanbaseunderhandedstingygreedy
聞くきくto hearto listen (e.g. to music)to askto enquireto queryto hear aboutto hear ofto learn ofto follow (advice, order, etc.)to obeyto listen toto comply withto hear (e.g. a plea)to grant (a request)to accept (e.g. an argument)to give consideration toto smell (esp. incense)to sample (a fragrance)to taste (alcohol)to try
従来じゅうらいup to nowso fartraditionalconventionalusualexisting
人前ひとまえportion of food
出るでるto leaveto exitto go outto come outto get outto leave (on a journey)to departto start outto set outto move forwardto come toto get toto lead toto reachto appearto come outto emergeto surfaceto come forthto turn upto be foundto be detectedto be discoveredto be exposedto showto be exhibitedto be on displayto appear (in print)to be publishedto be announcedto be issuedto be listedto come outto attendto participateto take partto enter (an event)to play into performto be statedto be expressedto come upto be brought upto be raisedto sellto exceedto go overto stick outto protrudeto break outto occurto startto originateto be producedto come fromto be derived fromto be givento getto receiveto be offeredto be providedto be presentedto be submittedto be handed into be turned into be paidto answer (phone, door, etc.)to getto assume (an attitude)to actto behaveto pick up (speed, etc.)to gainto flow (e.g. tears)to runto bleedto graduate
出来るできるto be able (in a position) to doto be up to the taskto be readyto be completedto be madeto be builtto be good atto be permitted (to do)to become intimateto take up (with somebody)to growto be raisedto become pregnant
仮想かそうimaginationsuppositionvirtualpotential (enemy)
たちpluralizing suffix (esp. for people and animals; formerly honorific)
現実げんじつrealityactualityhard fact
かべwallpartitionbarrierobstacleChinese “Wall” constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
乗り越えるのりこえるto climb overto get overto pass
時代じだいperiodepocheraagethe timesthose daysoldnessancientnessantiquityantiqueperiod piece
到来とうらいarrivalcoming (e.g. something awaited)advent
装置そうちequipmentdeviceinstallationapparatusstage setting
表情ひょうじょうfacial expressioncountenancelookappearanceexpression (vocal, etc.)
読み取るよみとるto read and understandto take into sense from external cuesto read (someone’s) mindto read (calibration, tape, etc.)to scan (bar code)to read (out)
表示ひょうじindicationexpressionshowingmanifestationdemonstrationdisplaydisplayingrepresentation(copyright) attribution
使うつかうto use (a thing, method, etc.)to make use ofto put to useto use (a person, animal, puppet, etc.)to employto handleto manageto manipulateto use (time, money, etc.)to spendto consumeto use (language)to speak





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