Why Hiroshi Abe’s Official Site is Called “The 5G Demo”

Why Hiroshi Abe’s Official Site is Called “The 5G Demo”


There is an actor named Hiroshi Abe.

He used to not have an official website.

One day, more than 20 years ago, a fan created a website.

Surprise. Hiroshi and his agency recognized the fan’s website as the official website.

Since then, Hiroshi Abe became very famous, but the site continues to be used almost exactly as it was designed then.

The site loads so fast that it’s often referred to on the Japanese internet as “the site where you can experience 5G”.

いるto exist
かれhe/him/that person/boyfriend
公式こうしきofficialformalformula (e.g. mathematical)official (social media) account (of a company, organization, etc.)
ある日あるひone day(on) a certain day
作るつくるto maketo produceto manufactureto buildto constructto prepare (food)to brew (alcohol)to raiseto growto cultivateto trainto tillto draw up (a document)to make outto prepareto writeto create (an artistic work, etc.)to composeto coin (a phrase)to organizeto organiseto establishto foundto have (a child)to make up (one’s face, etc.)to fabricate (an excuse, etc.)to give a (false) appearanceto feign (a smile, etc.)to put on a show of emotionto form (a line, etc.)to set (a record)to commit (a sin, etc.)
所属しょぞくbelonging to (a group, organization, etc.)affiliation (with)being attached tobeing under the control of
するto doto carry outto performto cause to becometo make (into)to turn (into)to serve asto act asto work asto wear (clothes, a facial expression, etc.)to judge as beingto view as beingto think of asto treat asto use asto decide onto chooseto be sensed (of a smell, noise, etc.)to be (in a state, condition, etc.)to be worthto costto pass (of time)to elapseto place, or raise, person A to a post or status Bto transform A to Bto make A into Bto exchange A for Bto make use of A for Bto view A as Bto handle A as if it were Bto feel A about Bverbalizing suffix (applies to nouns noted in this dictionary with the part of speech “vs”)creates a humble verb (after a noun prefixed with “o” or “go”)to be just about toto be just starting toto try toto attempt to
認めるみとめるto write (e.g. a letter)to draw up (a document)to take down (e.g. notes)to have (lunch, dinner, etc.)to eat
あとbehindrearafterlaterremainderthe restmore (e.g. five more minutes)leftalsoin additiondescendantsuccessorheirafter one’s deathpastprevious
いまnowthe present timejust nowsoonimmediatelyanothermore
当時とうじat that timein those days
使うつかうto use (a thing, method, etc.)to make use ofto put to useto use (a person, animal, puppet, etc.)to employto handleto manageto manipulateto use (time, money, etc.)to spendto consumeto use (language)to speak
早いはやいfastquickhastybriskearly (in the day, etc.)premature(too) soonnot yet(too) earlyeasysimplequick
体感たいかんbodily sensationsenseexperience
呼ぶよぶto call out (to)to callto invoketo summon (a doctor, etc.)to inviteto designateto nameto brandto garner (support, etc.)to gatherto take as one’s wife



The HTML script looks like early 2000 or even 90’s…


↑Some Japanese programmers use his website as a benchmark.

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