Anime-like-Textbooks Japanese Students Use

Anime-like-Textbooks Japanese Students Use


What kind of teaching materials do you use to learn Japanese?

A few years ago, English textbooks used by Japanese junior and senior high school students were all over the Internet in Japan, saying that they looked like anime.

Japan is a country where manga is very well developed, and most academic subjects can be taught in manga.

Not only can you learn about Japanese language, English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, social studies, geography and history, but you can also learn about cooking, programming, magic tricks, electrical engineering, accounting, stock trading, the Bible and many other subjects.で「マンガでおぼえる」と検索けんさくしたらそういうほんがたくさんあることがかるので、是非ぜひためしてみてください。
If you search for “Learning through Manga” on, you’ll find that there are many such books available, so please give it a try.

学ぶまなぶto study (in depth)to learnto take lessons in
ときtimehourmomentoccasioncasechanceopportunityseasonthe timesthe agethe daytense
教材きょうざいteaching materials
中学ちゅうがくjunior high schoolmiddle schoollower secondary school
高校生こうこうせいsenior high school student
インターネット上いんたーねっとじょうon the internet
学問がくもんscholarshipstudylearningdisciplinebranch of learning(a) science
国語こくごnational languageJapanese language (often as a school subject in Japan)native Japanese words (as opposed to loanwords)
社会しゃかいsocietypubliccommunitythe worldsocial studies
科目かもく(school) subjectcurriculumcourse
料理りょうりcookingcookerycuisinedealing with somethinghandlingadministrationmanagement
手品てじなmagic (illusion)conjuringmagic trickconjuring tricksleight of hand
電気でんきelectricity(electric) light
工事こうじconstruction work
会計かいけいaccountingfinanceaccountreckoningbill (at a restaurant)checkaccountanttreasurerpaymastercashiersettlement (of a bill, fee, etc.), paymenteconomic condition
株取引かぶとりひきstock tradingstock transactionsshare trading
覚えるおぼえるto memorizeto memoriseto commit to memoryto learn by heartto bear in mindto rememberto learnto pick upto acquireto feelto thinkto regard
検索けんさくlooking up (e.g. a word in a dictionary)retrieval (e.g. data)searching forreferring to
分かるわかるto understandto comprehendto graspto seeto getto followto become clearto be knownto be discoveredto be realizedto be realisedto be found outI know!I think so too!
是非ぜひcertainlywithout failright and wrongpros and cons
試すためすto attemptto testto try out

マンガで覚える (Learn through manga) (←’s search result for it)


↑These English textbooks (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Puella Magi Madoka Magica) were actually used in Japanese high schools. Since there are no textbooks enforced by the government in Japan, each school has the freedom to choose its own textbooks from various options. (The common guidance guidelines do exist, though. These anime textbooks are one of the most major textbooks)


↑Around 5 years ago, an English textbook for junior high schools became very popular since an American English teacher in the textbook was very kawaii(cute) for a textbook. A lot of memes were created since then.

Her Japanese seems to be much better than her English lol


↑A Canadian lady posted this video to introduce that English textbook in detail.


↓The official textbook publisher for junior high school made the adult version because of the popularity on the internet! You can get it on (link) or (link)


↑It also has a cool AR feature.



↑These are not school textbooks, but middle/high school level math textbooks. You can buy them on (link) or (link).


↑I have this book. It was pretty good to relearn mathematics in just a few days!


↑I think this is also a cool textbook to learn English. You can buy it on (link)… if you’re weird enough! 「FUCKは基本」 means “FUCK is the basics”. The author actually had this book supervised by a U.S. Marine.


Oppai English!? 

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