Japan finally made a Moving Gundam

Japan finally made a Moving Gundam


Gundam is the most successful robot anime in Japan.

Since the first Gundam, called the “First Gundam”, was broadcast in 1979, a lot of sequels and derivative works have been made one after another, as well as many toys and related goods.

In particular, the Gundam plastic models known as “Gunpla” are extremely popular and sell for tens of billions of yen every year, and contests, world championships, and exhibitions are held, too.

The other day, finally, a 1/1 scale Gundam that “really works” was made in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

You can see how it moves in the video below, although it still seems to be in the process of being built.

一番いちばんnumber onefirstfirst placebestmostgameroundboutas a testas an experimentby way of experimentby way of trialtentativelysong (e.g. in noh)piece
呼ぶよぶto call out (to)to callto invoketo summon (a doctor, etc.)to inviteto designateto nameto brandto garner (support, etc.)to gatherto take as one’s wife
作品さくひんwork (e.g. of art)productionharvestcultivationfarmingcropyieldtechnique
次々つぎつぎin successionone by one
作るつくるto maketo produceto manufactureto buildto constructto prepare (food)to brew (alcohol)to raiseto growto cultivateto trainto tillto draw up (a document)to make outto prepareto writeto create (an artistic work, etc.)to composeto coin (a phrase)to organizeto organiseto establishto foundto have (a child)to make up (one’s face, etc.)to fabricate (an excuse, etc.)to give a (false) appearanceto feign (a smile, etc.)to put on a show of emotionto form (a line, etc.)to set (a record)to commit (a sin, etc.)
特にとくにparticularlyespeciallyin particularexpressly
人気にんきpopularitypublic favorcondition (e.g. market)tonecharacternature
毎年まいとしaverage (normal, ordinary) yearevery yearannually
世界せかいthe worldsocietythe universespherecircleworldworld-renownedworld-famousrealm governed by one Buddhaspace
大会たいかいmass meetingconventionrallyconferenceassemblygatheringtournamentcompetitioncontestmeetgrand event
開くひらくto opento undoto unsealto unpackto bloomto unfoldto spread outto open (for business, e.g. in the morning)to be wide (gap, etc.)to widento hold (meeting, party, etc.)to giveto opento found (nation, dynasty, sect, etc.)to open (a new business)to set upto establishto startto open (ports, borders, etc.)to open (an account)to open up (new land, path, etc.)to clearto developto open (a file, etc.)to extract (root)to reduce (equation)to cut open (fish)to change (kanji into hiragana)to flare (e.g. skirt)to slacken (into a poor posture)
先日せんじつthe other daya few days ago
神奈川県かながわけんKanagawa prefecture (Kanto area)
横浜よこはまYokohama city in Kanagawa prefecture
動くうごくto moveto stirto shiftto shaketo swingto operateto runto goto workto make a moveto take actionto actto go into actionto be touchedto be influencedto changeto varyto fluctuateto waverto be transferred
等身大とうしんだいactual sizelife-size
途中とちゅうon the wayen routehalfwayin the middle ofmidway
様子ようすstatestate of affairssituationcircumstancesappearancelookaspectsignindication
下記かきthe following
動画どうがvideomoviemoving pictureanimationanimated cartoonin-betweens (animation)
見るみるto seeto lookto watchto viewto observeto examineto look overto assessto checkto judgeto look afterto attend toto take care ofto keep an eye onto experienceto meet with (misfortune, success, etc.)to try …to have a go at …to give … a tryto see (that) …to find (that) …
出来るできるto be able (in a position) to doto be up to the taskto be readyto be completedto be madeto be builtto be good atto be permitted (to do)to become intimateto take up (with somebody)to growto be raisedto become pregnant



↑This is how they built (You can actually visit there. See Yokohama Factory)

↑I highly recommend to watch this video if you’re a gundam fan! He made that mini-moving-gundam using a 3D printer, CAD system, and robot-kit called KHR-3HV


The Very First Gundam’s Bad Translated Film in the U.S. 

By the way, there’s one episode of Gundam that might be interesting to language learners.

It was back in the early 1980s when the First Gundam was shown in American cinemas.

The company that owned the copyrights of Gundam, Sunrise, asked an American translation company to translate the film into English.

But actually, no one in the company knew Japanese.

Also, no one in Sunrise could understand English, so the translated version was shown without a proper confirmation of the content.

But actually, the translation was all bullshit, and it was like a messed up translation of a bad Star Trek fan anime like a kid thought up.

Naturally, Gundam’s first attempt in the U.S. flopped and was quickly cancelled, and they’ve been reluctant to expand overseas for a long time ever since.

Nowadays, the quality of Japanese anime and manga translations into English has improved immensely.

I think it’s probably because of the hard work of Japanese language learners like you, hehe.


ガンプラ文化 (Gundam ‘s Plastic Models Culture)

Every year in Japan, there are Gundam plastic model competitions like this, and they are quite popular.

This is the 2017 winner; it may look like they used CG and special camera effects, but it’s just a normal live film.



There is also a genre called “Bottle Gunpla” where you put small parts one by one into a bottle with tweezers and assemble them in the bottle.

↑「ボトルガンプラ」のれい(Example of “Bottle Gunpla”)

It looks like an anime, but it’s completely live-film with no CG processing whatsoever. With a special painting method invented by a Japanese Gundam fan in 2017, you can make it look as if it’s an anime drawing come to life.



↑I guess you expected this from Japan, right? lol


↑Actually there are some gunpla manga!


ガンダムコスプレ (Gundam  Cosplays)

↑In Japan, you might see a walking stranger gundam with a map sometimes.


↑He cosplays like a pro…

↑Some Japanese girls seem to enjoy gundam in their own ways.


↑Cool couple, right? ^q^

↑Some foreign people cosplay gundam, too. The pic is pretty old (They went viral around 2008), but still popular as a meme in Japan, lol.

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