BANDAI Sells Smartphone Panties

BANDAI Sells Smartphone Panties


Did you know your phone needs panties?

Actually, BANDAI NAMCO sells smart-panties for your precious phone!!

If your phone is matured enough, today is the best day to buy the first panties for your buddy.

ことthingmatterincidentoccurrenceeventsomething serioustroublecrisiscircumstancessituationstate of affairsworkbusinessaffairafter an inflectable word, creates a noun phrase indicating something the speaker does not feel close tonominalizing suffixpretending to …playing make-believe …aliasalso known asotherwise known asornecessityneedyou should …I advise that you …it’s important to …
知るしるto be aware ofto knowto be conscious ofto cognizeto cogniseto noticeto feelto understandto comprehendto graspto rememberto be acquainted with (a procedure)to experienceto go throughto learnto be acquainted with (a person)to get to knowto concern
実はじつはas a matter of factby the wayto tell you the truthto be honestfrankly
携帯けいたいcarrying (on one’s person or in the hand)mobile phonecell phone
電話でんわtelephone callphone calltelephone (device)phone
今日きょうtodaythis daythese daysrecentlynowadays
買うかうto buyto purchaseto valueto have a high opinionto stirto provoketo draw upon oneself
最良さいりょうworsthorriblehorridawfulterriblein the worst caseif worst comes to worst
daydayssunsunshinesunlightcase (esp. unfortunate)event

Looks very inserted, right? ><


This angle looks pro..



I made this version. Looks more Japanese, isn’t it?



Can you see “ラメェェェェ (rameeee)” in the picture above?
ラメェ (or らめぇ in Hiragana) is a Japanese porn magazine version of ダメ/だめ (It means “not okay” or “not allowed”).
For some reason BANDAI perfectly knows the correct usage of らめぇ.


When an American Fighter is being inserted and supplied oil


Some Japanese hentai ramen restaurants have “らめぇ menus” so female customers have to say らめぇ to order.




Oh!! Is your phone still naked? (えっ!!あなたのスマホ、まだ裸なの?)



BANDAI official Commercial. It says “スマホにもパンツを履く権利を (We want the right our smartphones put on panties)”



Another Japanese toy maker made this better version.
It even has oppai (breast) and chin-chin (penis) that you can actually touch.




If you go to Japan and happen to find this capsule machine, I think your smartphone is the chosen one!
Get him/her ready to be isekaied!

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  1. I *really* want those panties!!!!!!

    1. Thanks! I have panties!! But!!! I can’t give you mine!!! Sorry!!!

  2. nice!

  3. I want bishōjo panties

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