Japan-US: Anime Censorship Comparisons

Japan-US: Anime Censorship Comparisons


Actually, not a few Japanese anime get restricted or forced to be modified in foreign versions.

I know Japan has weird restrictions such as mosaic in adult videos, but.. the USA also has very weird restrictions in anime.

Personally, I think Yugioh anime and cards got a lot of weird changes in the American version, lol.

実はじつはas a matter of factby the wayto tell you the truthto be honestfrankly
ばんeditionversionprintingimpressionimplementation (e.g. software)plateblockcasteditions of a publication
規制きせいregulation(traffic) policingcontrolrestriction
行うおこなうto performto doto conduct oneselfto carry out
思うおもうto thinkto considerto believeto reckonto think (of doing)to plan (to do)to judgeto assessto regardto imagineto supposeto dreamto expectto look forward toto feelto be (in a state of mind)to desireto wantto recallto remember

Left: Japan (original version)   Right: USA



I heard these color changes were done because some American leftists insisted they look black people.
In my opinion, they don’t look black people at all…. (The 1st guy is working for the god and isn’t human. The 2nd guy is an esper type pokemon not human..)



Apple juice!


The first miracle that Jesus performed was to turn water into wine at the wedding of Cana.
The modern miracle that Americans performed was to turn wine into water in anime.




To be fair, this kind of censorships aren’t only in the US, haha



Hi, dead body! Are you dead?


illuminati! Jewish!!? Israel!? Actually, it’s a very cool symbol to me. Please don’t restrict.. Please!!!


The censorship guy thought guns were violent, but swords and bullets were not for some reason.


It is said that her mouth is too sexy in America.


I know he’s too sexy in America…


If you get old, you have to learn hiding your tits in America.





Was it because of My Little Pony’s sexual fan arts..? Some people see Animals in a different way…!?


Some American people thought this is a blowjob, so they moved him a bit..
I think he should’ve been moved a little bit more considering the American average penis size…


The American version just looks more problematic…, doesn’t it?


The censorship person didn’t want children to see a violent guillotine, so they put a lady and very suspicious guy at night.


Now, vampires can play this card! Thanks!


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  1. Oppai Ippai!!!

  2. wtf….

  3. Americans think of Anime as Cartoons… and Cartoons are marketed primarily to kids. So many things need to be edited to fit the target market. Also, recognize that Japan is about 20 years behind the west with regard to smoking cessation.. whereas in Japan, you’ll still see advertisements that make smoking look cool. Translation is not just about words, it’s about culture and relative meaning. The goal is to aim for a similar impact in both cultures. That card with the Star of David is not just “a cool symbol” in America.. it means something culturally significant.. so to leave it unchanged would change the intended meaning of the scene.
    The real truth is: it’s time for The Japanese to stop hiding behind this idea of being an isolated culture and join the rest of the world. You should know some of these things.. or at least attempt to understand how the sense of a thing can be very different in different cultures.

    1. Thanks for your comment! 😀
      I agree with you for the most parts. And yes. We have different translations.
      And I’m very sorry I was naive about the symbol’s meaning in your country…

      Actually I have a bit different view in terms of forcing smoking cessation in fictions.
      The western movement looks, “Smoking/Drugs/Guns/Alcohol are dangerous, so we must hide them all from children” to me. (If I’m wrong let me know. I always welcome new idea! 🙂
      Um, sorry.. I understand they are dangerous, but I really can’t agree with this stream in the west…

      I think what we adults should teach children is not hiding the existence but teaching them the correct knowledge, risks, and what dangerous things really are. We have many drug/smoking/alcohol risks-teaching class in school, btw.

      Ofc for 3-5 year old kids, we have to hide some adult-targeted anime/movies/dramas/books since small children clearly can’t understand your explanations, so we adults have to select or censor what we should show them, and if we show them or failed to hide them, we have to educate them well. And sorry, I guess they weren’t that bad censorships if some anime in this article were for small kids.

      In Japan, we don’t have guns, so we can’t say anything in terms of guns in the west, but other dangerous things or social issues in the west (I’m not sure but in the west they were alarming social issues, so it was needed to censor them very strictly, right?) like child-alcohol problems, child-drug problems, and child-smoking problems, they are also very rare in Japan.

      (I tried to find studies that shows Japanese children are worse than the western children but couldn’t find any. We have much higher adult’s smoking rate than the average of the west, but not children.
      In my childhood and my experience, I very rarely saw smoking/drug/alcohol addicted children even though my town was one of the worst recorded areas in Japan according to statistics. And those rare children I saw weren’t because of Anime. They had yakuza/juvenile mafia connections. It means they had bad adults around them.
      I guess if the west still has child- drugs/guns/smoking/alcohol issues I guess adults showed bad examples to children)

      Okay, sorry for being long.. We Japanese think it’s adults’ job or duty to educate children what they shouldn’t, why they shouldn’t, and what they get if they do.
      Anime targeted for older age are basically the same to movies or dramas. Smokers do naturally exist like real life. People drink like real life. So I guess I can understand erasing all smoking/drinking scenes if anime were for 3-5 year old kids, yes some anime are but not all, so I can’t agree if western people insist to erase all smoking/drinking characters in fictions without even caring contexts or backgrounds. (I love American movies and dramas, so I would be sad if the stream makes Hollywood full of bad censorships..)

  4. so.. it’s not “Censorship”, it’s “Cultural Translation”.

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