How to make your imaginary sister waiting for your toilet

How to make your imaginary sister waiting for your toilet


Do you want your sweet younger sister to wait her turn for the bathroom?

I have good news. It can be done!

A Japanese youtuber made your exclusive toilet sister tutorial.

いもうとyounger sister
順番じゅんばんone’s turnone’s shiftone’s turn on stagescreen timescreentime
待つまつto waitto awaitto look forward toto anticipateto depend onto need
専用せんよう(one’s) exclusive useprivate usepersonal usededicated useuse for a particular purposeexclusive use (of particular products)using only (e.g. a certain brand)using solely
作るつくるto maketo produceto manufactureto buildto constructto prepare (food)to brew (alcohol)to raiseto growto cultivateto trainto tillto draw up (a document)to make outto prepareto writeto create (an artistic work, etc.)to composeto coin (a phrase)to organizeto organiseto establishto foundto have (a child)to make up (one’s face, etc.)to fabricate (an excuse, etc.)to give a (false) appearanceto feign (a smile, etc.)to put on a show of emotionto form (a line, etc.)to set (a record)to commit (a sin, etc.)

Hope it saves your life!!

Step#1: Ask a voice actor to make your imaginary sister’s voice audio
Step#2: Set the voice to the alarm of your phone
Step#3: Put your phone at the door of your bathroom
Step#4: Put a drum pedal in your bathroom
Step#5: Enjoy your imaginary sister in front of your bathroom! 0:23~

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