Japanese Books Love French People in a Weird Way

Japanese Books Love French People in a Weird Way


France is one of the most popular nations in Japan.

Japanese people love French culture, people, food, and fashion brands.

The following books you can buy at random Japanese bookstores basically try to teach you “How great French people are while Japanese people are not”.

I’ll translate some of the book titles.

人気にんきpopularitypublic favorcondition (e.g. market)tonecharacternature
文化ぶんかculturecivilizationcivilisationBunka era (1804.2.11-1818.4.22)
大好きだいすきloveablevery likeablelike very much
下記かきthe following
買うかうto buyto purchaseto valueto have a high opinionto stirto provoketo draw upon oneself
駄目だめno goodnot serving its purposeuselessbrokenhopelesswastedin vainpurposelesscannotmust notnot allowedneutral point (in go)intersection owned by neither player at the end of a game
伝えるつたえるto conveyto reportto transmitto communicateto tellto impartto propagateto teachto bequeath

  • “French people don’t have trash cans in their rooms”
    (Les Français n’ont pas de poubelles dans leurs chambres)
  • “French people have only ten clothes”
    (Les Français n’ont que dix vêtements)
  • “French people are popular even after getting old, but Japanese are not”
    (Les Français sont populaires même après avoir vieilli, mais les Japonais ne le sont pas)
  • “The more French people get old the more beautiful they become”
    (Plus les Français vieillissent, plus ils deviennent beaux)
  • “French people are happy even if they can’t make boiled eggs”
    (Les Français sont heureux même s’ils ne savent pas faire d’œufs à la coque)
  • “French people always tell you the correct answers”
    (Les Français vous donnent toujours les bonnes réponses)
  • “French babies never cry at night”
    (Les bébés français ne pleurent jamais la nuit)
  • “French ladies never get fat”
    (Les Françaises ne grossissent jamais)
  • “French people never fail making sweets”
    (Les Français ne manquent jamais de faire des bonbons)

Okay, this is the Japanese book template for you, so you don’t even have to read them all, lol.
“French people are awesome whereas Japanese are not”

These books are real. I’ve seen similar books in Japan countless times in my life.
It seems to be fairly popular considering the number of such books published relatively frequently.



I’ll show you another weird examples.

“日本” means Japan. “滅ぼす” means to destroy.
You now can read most of the book titles, right? lol
“*** will wreck Japan!!! (***が日本を滅ぼす)” is the template for you.
It seems there are countless factors to wreck Japan, so I think Japan is over! waaa ><



Sometimes, you can find prophet-like researcher’s books.

In the beginning of every year, the author publishes a book saying:
“This year, the Japanese and world economy will be wrecked!”
He’d been doing that for 20 years. He published books like that in 2019, too.
The funny thing is… he didn’t publish any books in 2020 for the first time in the past 20 years!
(And things actually happened this year. I guess he should’ve published a book for 2020, too…)

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