The most influential “FLASH” game has been released today

The most influential “FLASH” game has been released today


Have you ever heard a video game “The Big Adventure of Owata’s Life“?

Wikipediaによると、「I Wanna Be the Guy」の開発者かいはつしゃは「人生じんせいオワタの大冒険だいぼうけん」はゲームの開発かいはつ多大ただい影響えいきょうあたえたとっていたそうです。
According to Wikipedia, “I Wanna Be the Guy” developer said “The Big Adventure of Owata’s life” had influenced a lot in developing the game.

As of August 15, 2020, the Owata developer released the sequel: “The Big Adventure of Owata’s Life 2 (人生オワタの大冒険2)” on his website.

人生じんせい(human) life (i.e. conception to death)
冒険ぼうけんadventureventureventure which is unlikely to succeedrisky attemptdangerhazardrisk
聞くきくto hearto listen (e.g. to music)to askto enquireto queryto hear aboutto hear ofto learn ofto follow (advice, order, etc.)to obeyto listen toto comply withto hear (e.g. a plea)to grant (a request)to accept (e.g. an argument)to give consideration toto smell (esp. incense)to sample (a fragrance)to taste (alcohol)to try
多大ただいgreat (quantity, amount, etc.)hugeenormousserious
影響えいきょうinfluenceeffectto influenceto affectto have an influence onto impactto have an effect on
与えるあたえるto give (esp. to someone of lower status)to bestowto grantto conferto presentto awardto provideto affordto offerto supplyto assignto causeto pass (a variable to a function)
公開こうかいopening to the publicmaking available to the publicputting on displayexhibitingshowing (play, movie, etc.)holding (interview, etc.)openpublic


Tweet's translation (Owata dev):
Flash will be dead soon, so I made “The Big Adventure of Owata’s Life 2” as my first and final Flash game in Reiwa. Please play this game if you like.
(※Reiwa is the current Japanese imperial era)

Note: Flash doesn’t work on almost all modern major browsers today. The easiest way to play Flash games: Just use IE11 instead.



By the way, I just happened to witness the following conversation between the two developers.
Undertale and Owata. I’ll translate everything!



The Undertale developer replied on the post *in Japanese* for some reason. (His Japanese on the thread is perfectly natural. Maybe he just used DeepL or Google Translate, though XD  ←*UPDATE! *: I read some other his Japanese tweets, too. I think he’s really good at Japanese. Sorry!)

Undertale dev:
It was great
Thank you very much
Owata dev:
Ohhh! Sorry for making some Undertale parodies in Owata 2 without your permission! Thank you very much!!!!!!
Undertale dev:
It’s honor for me to be parodied by you because I’ve been a Owata fan since high school! ^^
Owata dev:
OMG….. I I’m also honored to hear you say that!


Gamers already have beaten the sequel. You can see the Owata 2’s undertale parody part around 4:01:

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