Is “Aichi Man” the Japanese “Florida Man” meme?

Is “Aichi Man” the Japanese “Florida Man” meme?


Have you ever heard Florida Man meme?

In Japan, “Aichi Man” has been becoming the counterpart of the Florida Man meme thanks to Coronavirus.

According to Japanese media, there were around 15 crazy guys arrested so far for saying “I am the coronavirus” or “The coronavirus is me” or “I’m gonna scatter coronavirus here!” or whatever, and most of them were Aichi men for some reason.

Asahi Shimbun reported about it on Jun, but more and more Aichi men cases have been still increasing.

聞くきくto hearto listen (e.g. to music)to askto enquireto queryto hear aboutto hear ofto learn ofto follow (advice, order, etc.)to obeyto listen toto comply withto hear (e.g. a plea)to grant (a request)to accept (e.g. an argument)to give consideration toto smell (esp. incense)to sample (a fragrance)to taste (alcohol)to try
愛知県あいちけんAichi prefecture (Chūbu area)
男性だんせいmanmalemasculine gender
相当そうとうcorresponding to (in meaning, function, etc.)being equivalent toappropriatesuitablebefittingproportionateto be proportionate toto be in keeping withto be deserving ofto be worthy ofconsiderablesubstantialconsiderablyratherquitefairlypretty
ばらまくto scatterto disseminate (e.g. a rumor)to spread (e.g. germs)to broadcastto distribute widely (e.g. leaflets)to hand out freelyto spend recklessly
これまでso farup to nowhithertothat’s enough (for today)it ends here
大半たいはんmajoritymore than halfmost (of)mostlylargelymainlypredominatelynearly
愛知あいちAichi (prefecture)
朝日新聞あさひしんぶんAsahi Shimbun (newspaper)
ことthingmatterincidentoccurrenceeventsomething serioustroublecrisiscircumstancessituationstate of affairsworkbusinessaffairafter an inflectable word, creates a noun phrase indicating something the speaker does not feel close tonominalizing suffixpretending to …playing make-believe …aliasalso known asotherwise known asornecessityneedyou should …I advise that you …it’s important to …
報道ほうどうinformationreportjournalismnewsto report
増え続けるふえつづけるto continue to increaseto continue to mount


(↑Aichi prefecture is around the center of Japan. It’s also known as a prefecture of Toyota and Akira Toriyama










I personally like “これコロナ (This is a coronavirus)”, lol



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