How to make a mask in 30 secs

How to make a mask in 30 secs


Coronavirus pandemic is still going on.

Maybe it’s too late to tell you this tutorial.

A Japanese news reporter made an useful instant mask tutorial on March.

続くつづくto continueto lastto go onto continue (without a break)to be unbrokento occur again and againto lead toto connect toto adjointo come afterto followto succeedto rank next toto hold outto keepto last
教えるおしえるto teachto instructto tellto informto preach
遅すぎるおそすぎるto be too lateto be too slow
しれるto become knownto come to lightto be discoveredto be knownto be understoodto obviously not amount to muchto seem trivialto be evidentto be obviousto go without sayingto be very intense (worry, hope, etc.)to be extremely severe
作るつくるto maketo produceto manufactureto buildto constructto prepare (food)to brew (alcohol)to raiseto growto cultivateto trainto tillto draw up (a document)to make outto prepareto writeto create (an artistic work, etc.)to composeto coin (a phrase)to organizeto organiseto establishto foundto have (a child)to make up (one’s face, etc.)to fabricate (an excuse, etc.)to give a (false) appearanceto feign (a smile, etc.)to put on a show of emotionto form (a line, etc.)to set (a record)to commit (a sin, etc.)

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